I'm trying to tank up a HP Compaq 6910p laptop using Zenworks Imaging and automated batch scripts that runs when the computer is up and running in Windows.

While trying to install software with this batch script, I keep getting this error:
"Uknown software exception (0xc0000096) occured in software at 0x00442a39.

I really don't know what to do with this laptop anymore:
I've tried to re-tank it a dozen of times.
I've tried to make a new Zenworks image

All the hardware drivers are installed, so I don't think it's a malfunctioning driver that causes these errors.

It's never happened on other computers, so I don't think it's an error in the batch script.

Anyone seen this error before and know what to do ?

Really appreciate all answers and clues that can help me get this laptop up and running.