I currently run a lot of OES1 SP2 servers. They are fine _UNLESS_ you run
the NSS file system on them, in which case the stability leaves a great
deal to be desired.

The stability of OES was pathetic when it was released in March 2005 and
although it has improved immeasurably it is still inadequate: total
lockups that require a power off/on are still way too regular an
occurrence on the busier servers. "Little" servers servicing a 100 or so
users might stay up for 300+ days but the busier ones are lucky to stay
up for a month!!!!

I am heartily sick of OES1 and trying to work with NTS to get defects
resolved can be a deeply frustrating experience (I have a call open since
June 2007 regarding stability that still isn't resolved). I really want
to move to OES 2 and was curious to know what others' experiences were
with it. My backup software finally supports OES 2, I have a few non-
production OES 2 servers running, I have my YUP mirror set up and so I am
ready to proceed.

I am keen to hear from people who like myself have had largely negative
experiences with OES 1 but who have found OES 2 altogether better. I am
not interested in people who wish to tell me that OES 1 works fine for
them: either you don't use all the features of NSS or YOU WERE LUCKY - I
know how to do my job and don't appreciate some glib smart Alec
suggesting that somehow the reason they aren't stable is I haven't set
them up right. Rest assured my eDirectory tree and server hardware are
perfectly healthy, the problems I am facing are simply due to either
eDirectory, NCP or NSS kernel module bugs on OES 1 and I want to know if
I am correct in thinking I should hasten my move to OES2.

If I sound negative in this post I apologise, only I'm up early to
respond to yet another call from the helpdesk to resolve a file server
lock up issue. A reboot has fixed it but this is getting very tedious.