I have several NW/OES 6.5 file servers with SP 7 installed. Most of these servers have been upgraded over time so they have traditional volumes configured on them. I'm unable to see open/locked files on these servers in Monitor. On NW/OES 6.5 SP7 servers with NSS volumes, I'm able to view open/locked files just fine. As I've seen in the forums, this may have been an issue with SP 6, but I jumped from SP5 to SP7 so it's the first time I've seen it.

I've attempted this with many different clients - all with the same results - and I've searched here and the TIDS. I do find some references to this issue in the forums, but didn't find a solution (or I just missed it)

Anyone know if I'm missing a patch or can you point me to more information about how to correct this issue.