So I thought my problem was related to the thread from chas but it looks like it may be different, so I am starting fresh. I have 2 Volumes that I cannot manage with ConsoleOne 1.3.6h (patch 2). When I click the volume or any file/dir under it to get properties and set permissions all I get is "unable to get the attributes of the object". I can set the permissions on the volume fine with the novell client and they appear to work great. At first I thought it was related to the ._NETWARE folder but I created a fresh volume in the same pool which created a fresh ._NETWARE folder and I have the same problem.

The sys volume works fine in ConsoleOne. Similar to this, I created a standard directory on the ext3 fs and made a NCP share to it with imanager. Lo and behold I can see all of it's properties in C1 and it acts perfectly normal.

So something specific to NSS volumes.......... I am not sure what I could turn on to debug if this is a rights issue?