we are testing a migration from NW6.5 to SLES10.1, basically, following the steps in the the gw7 docs (admin-> migration)

Running dbcopy from 7.0.3 on the linux side (account used for mount has full r/w access to the netware volume)

Running first stage/second stage, first stage on day 1:
dbcopy -m -p -f -v NWDIR LINUXDIR

Second stage on day 2 with -i <day-1-date>

Then doing the gwpoa --noconfig --show. While at first this seems fine, even when we point some clients to it. All messages, attachments etc. that we tested are opening.

However, after a while quick-index kicks off with lots of C080 errors for many, if not all, of our accounts.

This seems to indicate that OFFILES is not completely migrated. We found the following that talks about this:

Has anyone seen this recently?
One thought is: should we run the second stage with -i <day0-date>
(ie one day BEFORE the first full copy) ?