Hi All,

I am trying to join one uppity 2003 server to my NT 4 domain. The server I am trying to join is an 2003 sp2 server. For some reason this server (and this server only) refuses to join. All my other 2003 servers join and unjoin and rejoin with no problem.

This server is throwing up errors relating to DNS entries. For some reason it wants to query DNS for the domain controllers address. I have not had any information about the Domain controller in DNS up to this point, but since this server is crying about DNS I decided to try to add a zone for the Domain and make a resource record. It seems to work because now when I try to join the domain I get a message saying that the DNS server is returning a name, but it feels like it's the wrong name, although I can ping the name it's returning all day long.

My question is do I need a DNS record for an NT 4 domain? I tend to think I don't, only for an AD domain. But yet this one server is freaking out about DNS. Like I said none of my 15 other servers are.

Is there a setting on the client server itself that makes it think it is looking for an AD domain rather than an NT 4 domain? I have checked the IP configuration on a server that joins the domain and, except for a one digit difference in the IP address everything is configured exactly the same.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this?

I followed Novel's TID about setting up a zone for an AD domain, but I don't think that I need to do it for an NT4 domain so it's not helping.

Anyway, I'm convinced that there is a simple Registry hack or setting that I am missing. I have been joining 2003 Servers to this domain on this same network for years now and have never had any trouble. This server itself was joined to the domain, but when I tried to add domain users to local groups it would not let me see the domain. I removed it from the domain and have been unable to join back. I have no firewall running on either server or between the 2 servers.

Sorry for rambling.