We occasionally lose access to the NSS drive. (RAID 5 Array of 4 SATA

When we lose access, the NSS drive (Volume and directories)

1) The volume can be browsed via the GNOME file manager within the Linux
2) The Server is still available via the web browser.

We are running Vista 64 Client (V 1.04) on X2 and Intel Core 2 duo
processor systems.

We also have one Windows XP professional (32 bit) client left.

When we lose access, both station types lose access simultaneously.

This appears to be a NSS to the "provider" connection loss.

This does not appear to be a "client" error as the boot volume is still
visible -- sys:public etc. I have a "home" directory mapped in via SAMBA
on the boot volume -- it stays visible.

So, this appears to be an NSS issue.

Anyone have any idea where to look for error messages or indications of
what went wrong?

Are there any fixes you are aware of?

Note: We did have client issues earlier (Vista 64 and XP 32 bit) showing
the same apparent problem. Those have been resolved via the client
upgrades it seems, plus changing the Virus Protect from Symantec to
something less obnoxious. So suggesting a client fix is unlikely to do
much at this point unless there is something wrong with both clients.

Will R
PMC Consulting