I have just started looking at ZCM and the migration path from Zenworks7. I would like to install ZCM in Vmware on SLES 10SP1 Linux Server.

Is there a need to install OES2 over SLES10 for a ZCM server?

Does anyone have specific recommendations on a partitioning layout. I did read something about partitioning off /var/opt with additional space. Where does the sybase database get installed?

To install ZCM10.0.2, do I have to install 10.0.1 and then patch or is there an ISO for 10.0.2?

Has anyone heard the release date of ZCM10.0.3 and would it be worth my while to wait until this service pack is released or is ZMC10.0.2 a stable release?

Also, about how much memory have you given to your ZCM servers? The documentation mention 2GB and 3GB if you are using patch management. Is this about right or should I allocate more?