Ok, here is our current setup:

OES2 Linux setup using ext3 as the filesystem on the main drive. Now, while reading through the Novell docs about another issue, I came across the following: "WARNING:Data corruption can occur if you use Xen file-backed disk images for NSS volumes on the guest server.". Of course, this is how our two current Netware VMs are running. They are using files on the ext3 system for their NSS volumes.

What would be the best way to remedy this? I should also mention that EVMS was not setup on the main volume because we hadn't planned on having any physical NSS volumes on the machine.

I guess one other question would be can NSS volumes exist on drives without EVMS if the the host OS isn't accessing them (only VMs accessing them).

Trying not to have to reinstall the entire server if at all possible.

Thanks for any help.