We are currently using ZENworks 7 and I am new to ZCM. I have installed ZCM on an OES2 server running on SUSE10 SP1. The server and OES2 have been fully patched. The installed version of ZCM is 10.0.1-1, as displayed when I run the "rpm -q novell-zenworks-core-server" command. I have performed this install twice now, as I thought that something may have gone wrong during the installation of the first server and ZCM software. But I've got the same problem on the second load... the ZENworks services are using 95 - 99% of the CPU (one Xeon 3.06 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM, Dell PowerEdge 1750).

I wanted to update ZCM but could not get the System Update in ZCC to find any available updates. I found TID 3793950 (ZCM 10.0.2 manual update files) but I am a little confused as to what I have to do.

The TID says that I must change the /opt/novell/zenworks/share/tomcat/webapps/update-server-10-0-1/server.xml file to reflect that I am not using the default 80/443 ports (I am using 8080/8081). There is no such folder or file. The same holds true for the next file listed in the TID. This second folder and file is not there either. The third file to change, /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/loader/DownloadApplyUpdate.xml, does not appear to have any thing that needs to be changed. On the other hand, the 10.0.2 version included in the update does.

Is there anything out there that explains this manual update procedure any better?

Phil Arnold