This is my situation:

Win2003 x64 (all updates), ZCM 10.0.2, Agents 10.0.2.

I deployed NOD32 (first created bundle) to some test workstations with no errors. All workstations received NOD32 and that all works fine. After that deployment, some of these workstations started to generate error messages in ZCC. Here is the example:

1. There is no user session available or user session cannot be determined.
2. An error ocurred during a general refresh in module: AppModule. Error Message: There is an error in XML document (12, 165).
3. Unexpected exception received when refreshing handler AppModule(GeneralRefresh): There is an error in XML document (12, 165).
4. Could not load Module at: C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\bin\modules\Novell.Zenworks. PolicyManager.dll because of exception: The handle is invalid
5. WifSender.Initialize failed.{}
6. Failed to bind to web service{}
7. ..........

Comunication agent <-> server works fine.
Why are this messages generated? Before deployment of NOD32 all was OK (no error messages).

On one workstation when I click on Acknowledge all messages, messages are deleted from the list but workstation icon is still red like there is still error messages for that device. How to flush that??

Thanks in advance!


P.S. Any info on 10.0.3 release date? :)