Not Sure about the best suitable forum for this kinda qwery so posting here.

I am facing a prob with a few Linux Servers we have. All are 64 bit servers with NLD 9 installed. Now when I am trying to run an application called dddlynx (this is used for GNU Debugger (GDB server) for C++ code), by doing a remote login to the other Linux Server from one Linux Server it is not being able to run. The pre-requirement is to run export DISPLAY command, and we are facing an error message called:

Xlib: connection to <IP Address> refused by the server.

Xlib: No protocol specified.

Cann't open the diplsay: <IP ADDRESS>:0.0

Can any one of you explain whats the issue here. Its eating up time . Interestingly if I am running the same command from my windows desktop and using X-Manager if I log in into some Linux server and run the above mentioned commands it is running fine.