Dear all,

how can parameters of the workspace-context be passed to the external link (via iFrame f.ex.) and what parameters/variables are available?

Background: A web-application is currently being developed which will handle
a number of specific functions related to project tasks and reporting.
Teaming is used as a central workplace with one workspace per project. The
external web-application is based on projects, linked to a corresponding
workspace in Teaming.

Each task can have one or more documents attached. Each task has specific
user-based security restrictions (e.g. user A can only read the document(s)
for task #1, edit the document(s) for tasks #2, but has no access to task #3
& #4). To what degree can Teaming handle the document mangement part e.g. by having a "documents" link per task in the external web-applications which links to the corresponding documents stores in Teaming?"

Thank you,