I now have Netware running in a virtual machine. Seems to be working
pretty darn good too.

Ubuntu host. VMware Server 1.0.5.

Now with that said. I'm actually looking at migrating to OES2 Linux in
the future.

On a side note. I'm a little surprised at iManager 2.7. Firstly, I
love it. I think it's great. However, setting up iPrint through it was
a bit shocking. It was easy enough to do, but I was surprised at the
fact that it required me to use IE. With Novell being a Linux company I
really assumed that iManager would be completely free of the IE
requirements. Of course I also assume that in later version it probably
will be, but still I was a bit shocked.

Anyway. Let me just finish out by saying I love iManager, iPrint, and
Netware. Quickfinder is pretty neat too. I just hope I can love OES2
on Linux as well. That's my next thing to try out.
Matthew - The Great System Tyrant