we are looking to begin implementing ZEN, but I am a bit confused. I now
notice ZCM, which is a replacement?? for ZEN7. what we want to do is what
ZEN7 does, the whole user/computer/application/patch management thing. but I
have noticed that ZCM requires Windows or Linux both of which we do not use,
we are a Netware shop here. I am looking for some folks with the proper
knowledge/experiences to help lead me down the right path. so my real
questions are:

Is ZCM what I should be looking at??

Is it really worth it to have to Change/Sync/Install AD??

Should I more over consider SLES10?? eDirectory on Linux??

Does ZCM contain ALL of the Functionality of ZEN7?

I need to be able to do Dynamic users (like Roaming profiles in a Domain)
can I with ZCM??

My users are on a Netware 6.5.7 Server in DS, does this limit my

Is there a comparison chart for ZEN7 vs. ZCM??

Please respond with any comments, complaints, or general rude remarks =P

Thanks in advance.