We have been successfully using netstorage on SUSE 9 and OES - after an update to 3.1.5, strange things began happening.

We do use Apache redirect, FYI - what happened was we noticed after update that copy/paste and move functions returned errors, and "download" would produce a text file with a redirect to a port 80 URL. Uploads were working fine.

I went into /opt/novell/netstorage/webapp/WEB-INF/classes to check the Settings.properties file and discovered that the update removed my settings - I put them back to port 443 and https (yes, I know this isn't good form, but we haven't gotten around to redoing that).

After restarting various services, netstorage is even more broken - upload pops up a blank box, download doesn't respond at all, copy/past and move totally dead.

Any thoughts? It's odd - we didn't change any other settings and it just died after the recommended patch.

Thank you!