Had this issue with the winsock 10060 errors on OES Linux.

Turns out the iprint doesn't like the http_proxy variable set on the
iprint server (webserver).
Solution is to either

1) unset http_proxy and restart apache (disable it system wide using
Yast or edit /etc/sysconfig/proxy and disable there).

2) set no_proxy to include your internal DNS domain so that the proxy
isn't used for these requests

Turns out mod_ipp uses curl libraries and it respects the http_proxy
stuff, but gives problems with the mod_ipp stuff for some reason.

This also manifests itself as 1322 errors if the http_proxy variable is
Hope this helps some poor sod,.... thanks to the Novell Support
geniuses who helped get to the bottom of this (you know who you are !)