Its got to be a bit cold in the land down under. I swear I saw cats and
dogs living together when I was out for lunch. Not to mention Chicago
traffic didn't seem so bad today.

The real story is that after 5 years of only hearing from Novell at MLA
renewal time (we can haz moneys nao, plz) Novell has shocked us by
sending a rep our way! For the 6 years before that, I don't think I ever
talked to a rep, only channel people.

He fist contacted us in February, just checking in. I was shocked an
probably asked him 3 times what company he was with (slight
exaggeration). Then we talked again in early April, this time about
cranking up the MLA true up and I threw some licensing questions his
way. He again surprised me by being capable and following up with
answers. I don't mean that usually it can't be done, but often these
things go into a black hole.

In late April we heard from him again saying he would be doing customer
visits in May. Low and behold, he actually stopped in today.

He explained how starting in November, Novell started restructuring how
it interacts with its customers. The Licensing and support changes also
started about then.

I can say, I'm impressed that they seem concerned enough about our
somewhat small account to directly interact with us. I was able to
clarify our MLA support options and give him a mini-rant about
GroupWise, put my $0.02 in on the long term plan on Messenger and sing
praises of Bordermanager. We also talked about a few product options
were don't currently use.

So, my hat is off to Novell and their new initiative to contact long
time customers directly. *claps*