I've already opened a ticket on this issue, however I wanted to explore
all my options (that, and try something other than "just send in the log

This is a VERY confusing issue, because everybody was working fine on the
BETA version, but now that we are licensed/live issues are cropping up.
Basically, some users sync perfectly fine...all emails, calendars,
everything. However, other users do not. They will sync one time, the
initial time, and then that's it....no further syncs. There is no common
factor here. Non-working and working user are both on the exact same PO.
The WebPIM is not getting the updates, nor is the phone. If I delete or
reset the account, and have them re-sync, again...they'll get all initial
emails, calendar, contacts...but then further syncs do not work. Any ideas of
what else I can try?

Host: ESX 3.5.0, 84374 = 8CPU 34GB RAM
Server: VMWare Guest 2CPU with 4GB RAM, SLES 10SP1
GWise: 7.0.2 HP
GMS: 2.0.3