I need your help/opinions. I have a new Dell PowerEdge 2950 with the following specs.

(5) 500GB SATA Drives
16GB memory
(1) quad core xeon 2.33Ghz CPU
PERC 6i SAS raid controller

This server will have NetWare 6.5 SP7 installed along with GroupWise 7.
The main purposes of this server are to accomodate about 40 home directories for building level users and to be the district-wide GroupWise server for about 375 users.

My plan is to use GroupWise Webaccess only for district-wide staff and only have client installed for the 40 or so building level users.

I know this server is more then adequate for my current needs.


Should I install NetWare directly on the server or run it as a VM? If it is ran as a VM, I will use Windows 2003 Stdrd as the host OS and use VMware Server.

With VMware Server I can only allocate about 3GB or so of memory to the VM. Will 3GB be enough to run NetWare and GW for 375 users?