Hi all: I have been reading Craig J's newest edition for
BM3.9 to try and setup a VPN to allow me in from my iMac at
home. OUr BM server (3.9sp1) lives behind a Cisco router.
The Cisco router receives T1 traffic at port (changed IPs
for obvious reasons) and forwards to our BM
server public IP at The private IP of the BM
server is

My first question is which example in Craig's book most
closely matches my setup? I believe we closely match

The last time I worked with a VPN setup was back when we ran
3.6. At that time I had to configure many filters to allow
the needed VPN traffic across the BM server. Is this still
needed? I assume it is and that I should use the Legacy VPN
filters in Craig's book.

Lastly, on my iMac at home I plan on using VPN tracker as
the client. What do I need for it (public vpn certificate

Thanks for the hand-holding, Chris.