We have been recieving the following error message whenever we attempt to perform an auto-imaging process on any workstation, registered or not:

ERROR: Task 'ServerIP' tag not found in Task XML

Zenworks Imaging failed with error:95

novell-pbserver.log indicates no errors. Services-messages.log indicates no errors.

prebootlookup.log indicates the following error:

[5/15/08 8:43:09 AM] [I:gWTD] workType: WORK_TYPE_TAKE_IMAGE
[5/15/08 8:43:09 AM] [PWLS.hGNT] returning:
err: com.novell.zenworks.datamodel.objects.preboot.serv ice.param.ImagingError
Bundle Flags: 0
taskBuffer: <ZENworks-Imaging><Type>Take-ZENworks-Image</Type><File>/var/opt/
[5/15/08 8:43:29 AM] [PWLS.dP] Request received: GetNextTask
ws: 826bcd5c0f46334caa28ae356f18da4e

Any ideas? Other than refusing to patch to 10.0.2 everything else seems to work fine with stations importing in correctly and packages deploying.

System specs:
Zenworks 10.0.1, SLES 10.1, OES2 is NOT installed