Dear Novell,

During the past couple years, I have had many long-term Novell customers
switch to Microsoft Windows 2003 Server because of incompatibilities with
just a single application:

Older versions of QuickBooks worked adequately with Novell servers, but
beginning with QuickBooks Pro 2006, a change in the company data file format
created an SQL-related incompatibility. You should know that Intuit forces
their customers to regularly upgrade their software if they use QuickBooks
for payroll preparation. Therefore, these customers cannot stay on
QuickBooks 2005 forever.

I'm uncertain as to what the market share is for the QuickBooks product, but
among my clients, it's huge.

I have several clients presently running a peer-to-peer network alongside
their Novell network, in hopes that either Novell or Intuit will provide a
solution. This workaround will not last forever, as my work is now being
criticized by MS consultants, who suggest a new server is in order.

Is there anything you can do to help? The workaround listed here is not a
satisfactory long-term solution:
Please do not suggest that they switch to a different accounting package, or
purchase a more expensive QuickBooks product.

Robert Carroll, CPA