Just discovered that the backups haven't been merging to the database on one of our servers. Database file size was very small, so I deleted it and started fresh, then attempted to merge a tape.
Log says the session merged sucessfully...0 files/0kb. (thats "successful"???).

Prior backup logs show that the volume in question was backed up. 200gb written to tape...took 5 hours, etc, etc. no errors. But now, I can't read whats on the tapes.

This server backs up itself, and a remote Nw server, too, on a single lto3 every night. After not being able to merge the session with the volume from which I actually want to restore a file, I tried to merge "all sessions". Data from the remote server DID get put into the database; but none of the local volumes.

Before giving up last night, I did make a slight change to the scheduled jobs...just changed how it names the tapes. re-submitted job...it ran overnight...today, I can see the data from both servers in the database. But still, I need to restore a file from a few days ago, and I can't read the tapes.


AS 11.1sp3 on NW6.5 sp7.