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Thread: VM experts - storage for large servers

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    VM experts - storage for large servers

    Just about to buy a SAN and start VM'ing things using ESX. Decided on the Pillar Axiom 300 using FC for our SAN. Very impressed.

    I have some servers ("STORAGE" - running netware, that has a couple of dell powervaults connected to it. The server has a total of about 3TB on it or so. 90% of which is "remote storage" for groupwise document management (all PDFs - blob files).

    The question I have is: What is the proper way to "VM" something like this? I would assume you dont want to create 3TB VMDK files, or even a LUN that large (if even possible).

    The smaller servers, I have an idea how to VM, pretty easy. Its the main servers that are a few hundred gigs or more that I'm not certain how to set up the storage for.

    any ideas out there?
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