I've had this problem before when trying to migrate from Win2k terminal server to Win2k3 terminal sever. Once Windows 2k3 server, Terminal Server, MetaFrame 4.5, MS Office 2000 and the GW 6.5.7 or 7.0.3 client are installed, documents will not open unless the user logged in has administrative rights. In particular, Word tries to launch, but immediately closes after the splash screen appears. The temp file never appears in the user's temporary directory, but GW marks the doc as in use. Eventvwr shows DRWatson errors for Word but that is all. I was hoping to find some logging somewhere that might show exactly what was occurring just before the error (The temp file is unable to right to the users temp directory? Some restricted part of the system is being accessed crashing word?)

The only thing I can find on Novell's site is a TID from last year: 3219160

However this has been out a bit. I guess I'd really love to know if there is anyone out there running Win2k3 w/terminal services and using GW doc mgmnt and not giving all users admin rights on that server?

Thanks for any input.