Hi @all,

we're using the GW Calender heavily and i'm working atm on a Programm which should provide us the Calender Data.

I'm using the Object API on a win32 .Net Enviroment and already can read out all of the Data in my Account. Problem is now: I have a multiuser Calender View with a fellow Developer (See Screenshot) and, as a first step, i have to read this data too. Again: Getting my Data WoP C 8:15 - 10:15 and WoP A 10:15-10:45 is already working.
Gettings his Data (and the Data from other Guys too) is atm my Problem.

Example C# Code what im doing:

GroupwareTypeLibrary.GWSession gws = new GroupwareTypeLibrary.GWSession();

GroupwareTypeLibrary.Account account = gws.Login(Settings.Default.MyAccountName, "", Settings.Default.MyAccountPassword, null, null);

DataTable tblCalender = null;

GroupwareTypeLibrary.MessageList mesList = account.Calendar.FindMessages("(CREATE_DATE = TODAY)");

foreach (GroupwareTypeLibrary.Message message in mesList)

Problem: Where can i get these messages/appointments from "the other Guy".
I understand that the Calender is nothing else than a folder in the GW Object Model.

thx in advance