I have an iFolder 3 Server happily up and running, but can anyone tell me
the best way to back these up? I have purchased Veritas BE for Linux
agent and installed it and I am backing it up to a central windows 2003
backup media server (BE 10d).

I was very impressed that it actually picks up the ifolder storage so you
only have to back that up, but every night it either hangs the backup or
skips hundreds of open files, and I need to reboot both the linux server
and the windows server.

Should I do some sort of Script backup to copy the iFolder directories
into a single tar and then back that up instead. I know it would be good
to create an LVM Snapshot, but as the server is not using LVM's it would
need me to do some resizing of partitions etc to implement this.

Or is there a better way?