I posted the following on the iMnger thread and after working over there for
a few days, the volunteer said he had used up his expertise and that I
should try another thread.


Completed nw65sp7 upgrade from sp 5 and now I cannot access iMngr from the
server. Neither can I access RM. I am looking for some troubleshooting
tips. The error I receive is Error -632 Unexpected results have occurred.

[I did the upgrade due to a winsock error that would cause abends to occur.]

So I tested user ldap browser. Results.

I can connect only using 389 as anonymous. both 636 attempts, anonymous
and authenticate as well as 389 authenticate failed to connect using the
ldap browser.

I ran pkidiag from the console and the same -632 error is returned.

From iMngr thread it was reported the -632 error using pkidiag was tree name
lookup failure.

Using C1 I discovered that the name of the Organizational CA is an old
tree name (I changed the name of the tree 7 months ago). Could the
application of sp7 cause a change in the organizational CA?

I attempt to use imngr from the server and also workstation version, with
the tree name entered as the ip address of the srvr that holds the master

Any suggestions on how to proceed to troubleshoot and remedy this problem?