Noticed that a new ZDM update has come out, I'm planning to update our server but I'm not sure how I should do it because of mixed documentation.

In the readme it says (
3.2 Installing the Interim Release RPMs
Use the following steps to install the ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Services on Linux with SP1, Interim Release 3a update RPMs on your Desktop Management Server:

1. From the command line, run /opt/novell/zenworks/bin/ZDMstop to shut down all ZENworks Desktop Management services
2. From the directory where you downloaded and extracted the IR3a tarball, run the following command:

rpm -Fvh *.rpm

This command upgrades all of the ZENworks components that were previously installed.
3. Run the following command to start all ZENworks Desktop Management services:


But at the download site it says (NOVELL: Downloads

Installation on OES1:
1- Download the Interim Release and extract the RPMs in a new directory.
2 -Run /opt/novell/zenworks/bin/ZDMstop to shut all services down.
3- From that new directory, run the following from the command line:

This command should uninstall the previous version of novell-zenworks=zmgservices-dhost rpm

3a – Verify that the previous version of novell-zenworks=zmgservices-dhost got uninstalled.
rpm -qa | grep novell-zenworks=zmgservices-dhost
to verify that all versions of novell-zenworks=zmgservices-dhost are uninstalled. If there are two versions of novell-zenworks=zmgservices-dhost installed, like

then run these commands:

rpm -e novell-zenworks-zmgservices-dhost-7.0.1-4

4 - run this command:
rpm -Fvh *.rpm
This command will upgrade all of the ZENworks components that were previously installed.
5 - Run /opt/novell/zenworks/bin/ZDMstart to start all services.

Which way should I do the upgrade?