Recently applied sp7 and server health indicates the ntp monitoring service is loaded but not in sync? I have done some research but have not found a simple resolution. I am new to Netware and seems like its a simple fix but i am not sure what direction to take.

I applied sp7 from revision 06 and everything else is "green" except for this part (ntp service). After rebooting from initial upgrade server health was red indicating Timesync loaded/not in sync. Immediate thinking was to load xntp instead of timesync as indicated in remote manager to possibly correct the problem but still is not sync'ing properly.

Not sure where, how, or if i need to possibly edit a ntp.conf file to point somewhere else so that servers will sync?

prior to upgrade did not have this problem, but wanted to apply sp7 to hopefully address memory leak issues that were occurring.

Plz advise