Hardware upgrades. :-)

With the temperature rising here in Utah (and my lack of a home cooling
system at the moment), I need to install some new fans to keep the system
cool(er). While I was at it, it occurred to me that 768 MB of RAM isn't
much, and maybe I should harvest some memory from Ken's old machine and
double what's in the system.

Except that the motherboard from his old system isn't identical to the
one in the server - which I thought was the case (ncciphotos is hosted on
a system built on an Asus A7V133 motherboard). No matter, his old
motherboard is perfectly serviceable and has a slightly faster processor
(I believe). Even if it's slower, though, the memory upgrade should
improve performance (at least performance that's not limited my my DSL

So assuming all the hardware will work together, this shouldn't take long
at all. Looks like I can remove the USB card (which only kinda worked
anyways) as the A7V333 has a USB 2.0 controller on-board. That's good,
because the performance from the PCI card I have on the old system was
pretty pathetic.

Sometimes it's handy having a PC graveyard in the basement. :-)

Jim Henderson, CNA6, CDE, CNI, LPIC-1
Novell Training Services