4-node cluster using HP MSA1000 SAN box on fiber channel (Basically a
DL380G4 packaged cluster with two added nodes). All on OESNW6.5sp7,
eDir 8.81.

One drive in one array failed and the array attenmpted, but failed, to
rebuild using the hot spare drive. Have tried inserting two different
new drives in place of the failed drive and each time, the array
attempts to rebuild but fails. Since I am unable to make changes to
the array while it is in "waiting to rebuild" state (wanted to remove
the hot spare from the array in case that was causing the issue) I
think I'll have to delete and re-create the array. I do have good
backups for all the date and trustee info. The array that is failing
holds the primary of the SBD partition which is mirrored onto another
array in the MSA

While researching/planning the switch I ran across TID 10082213 which
spooked me enough that I thought I'd ask here to make sure my plan is
correct. I'm thinking I need to proceed as follows:

1. Cluster down
2. ULDNCS on all nodes
3. Down all nodes and restart one with the MSA management CD for
configuring arrays
4. Delete SBD partition on both the failing array and the good mirror
5. Delete the bad array, build and verify new array
6. In C1, delete the following resources:
Vol1 (Volume Object)
and, from within the cluster resource, Vol1Pool_Server
7. Start one node of cluster with LDNCS remarked out so no cluster
8. Load CLSTRLIB.nlm, VLL.nlm, and SBDLIB.nlm then run SBD Install
and re-created a mirrored SBD partition.
9. Re-create pool and volume on the array, configure as shared for
clustering, mount, and import into DS. Copy load/unload scripts back
into the pool
10. Restart node allowing LDNCS to run, and bring up the other nodes
11. Restore data and trustee information.
12. Hope no one noticed the down time.....

Am I missing anything that is going to leave me hosed?