Okay - let's start with the premise that FLAC or other lossless format is
impractical due to sheer volume of of songs to convert, and also because we
have 3 iPods and 2 Shuffles, and it is impractical to try to do this in a
format that cannot be used by the ipods <g>.

So, if I had to choose between AAC or encoding MP3s with LAME, which would
ultimately be better? So far, I'm finding that AAC seems pretty darned
good, and I just don't know if it's worth the "trouble" of doing it with
LAME. The "trouble" seems to be that with the Mac iTunes add-in that
allows for LAME encoding, the files get written to the "default" iTunes
library location, even though I've changed my library to be in another
location. It's making me nuts <g>.

Otherwise, I'm thinking that using LAME might be a better choice, but I
think ultimately it's going to be just a case of personal preference, etc.

Does anyone out there have any personal experience comparing AAC
specifically with LAME MP3 encoding?