I have been having no success in getting NSS to run on my eval SuSE 10.1 OES2 server. I have been told that running NSS and EVMS on a RAID (logical single disc machine) is not a good idea. However I seem to have got round the problems with EVMS, but I still cannot get NSS to run.

The error is that nwraid.ko cannot be found. I have followed the instructions in OESNSS nssmodulesinwrongkerneldirectory - CoolSolutionsWiki
and added a link to the old kernel folder but it still does not work.

I then ran a modinfo from the new kernel folder and that worked but a
modprobe run from the same folder failed.

The updates directory in the following is a link in the
to the old kernel

Dell2450Linux:/lib/modules/ # ls
admindrv.ko kmdb.ko ndpmod.ko nsscomn.ko nsslsa.ko
nwraid.ko adminfs.ko libnss.ko nebdrv.ko nsslibrary.ko
nssmanage.ko zapi.ko adminfsdrv.ko linuxmpk.ko nss.ko nsslnxlib.ko
Dell2450Linux:/lib/modules/ # modinfo nwraid.ko
filename: nwraid.ko
license: GPL
author: Allen Jack <ajack@novell.com>
description: device-mapper nwraid1 target
srcversion: 2280093DFBCD06E914FB7C8
depends: dm-mod
supported: yes
vermagic: SMP 586 REGPARM gcc-4.1
Dell2450Linux:/lib/modules/ # modprobe nwraid.ko
FATAL: Module nwraid.ko not found.
Dell2450Linux:/lib/modules/ #

It appears that the current eval version of SuSE 10.1 and OES2 end up with a linux kernel of v54 (updated from V46 automatically during install) and a NSS set of modules compiled for V46 which will not run.

Can anybody tell me what to do next?