Regarding the new TID 7000412: PC is very slow to boot with ZCM Agent installed, I'm also experiencing long delays at login and logout. From earlier threads, it sounded like you guys were going to resolve in 10.0.3, but it's still outstanding. Here's some detail:

1. After a reboot, the time from logging in to the desktop painting is normal (10-15 seconds on a fast PC). The time before the agent runs the refresh however takes 1+ to 2 minutes---leaving test users wondering where their icons are and why is Zen so slow.

2. After Zen does come up, if I logout it takes roughly the same amount of time (1+ minutes) while the hard drive is pegged with activity and the screen is at the "Saving Your Settings" screen. Looks like it is caching alot at both login and logout, obviously what is causing the delay.

3. If I boot and leave the PC at the login screen for a couple minutes, the caching (or whatever is happening) will run in the background----so then when I login a couple minutes later, the processes are done and the login and zen icon presentation are faster.

4. As you can imagine, this kind of delay won't be acceptable to end-users and ultimately management---a real showstopper to a good product. That being said, I noticed the new TID explaining the same thing so I just wanted to support the TID and stress the importance of Novell resolving this important roadblock. I hope it will be something you can push out with a Hotfix instead of having to wait several weeks for a new release. I'm sure you guys are on it. Thanks.