Ok, trying my hand at the system update again since 10.0.2 didn't work.
And my initial results looks like the 10.0.3 update is exhibiting the
same behavior.

The update downloads and bundles fine. And I can Activate it. But when
I set it to install on my one ZCM server it never seems to actually
install. As the title suggests, my one ZCM server is running SLES10 SP1.

Is this because there is no Linux agent available for ZCM? Has anyone
gotten any update to finish successfully on a SLES server running ZCM?
Of course, I show that ZCM is "Unable to connect through IP Address or
Host Name" when checking the "Zenworks Agent Status"

As for the symptoms of the update: When I browse to the server in ZCM
and Refresh the Upcoming Events, I get a list of the updates. Sometimes
there is only one "Knowledge Base" item in the list. Other times there
are 169 items in the list. Or any number in between.

When I view the details of the "Update for ZCM (10.0.3)", it lists
"Targets: Windows". Does this mean that I can't apply this update to the
ZCM server running Linux? If so, what is the proper method to update my

Timothy M. Musa
Community Consolidated School District 93
Carol Stream, IL