I am getting the following errors on the POA after I setup an account in the GMS server:

10:58:10 1CD Error with GWEvent notification [8925]
10:58:10 1CD GWEvent notification in error: zgwmsuser - IGWL0xae1b8bdeb80aa5c36aeea2ed6a8b41d2 -

I am pretty sure the specific problem, based on the error message, is that for some reason the push IP address in the post office is set to the local host address of instead of the correct address of the GMS server. This could be because of when I initially setup the GMS server I missed configured it.

So my question is does anyone know of any way to reset this IP address short of creating a whole new GMS system with a new IP address and name or creating a whole new POA? I have already reinstalled the GMS software from scratch when I switched from the beta software to the final release. The POA is version 7.0.3.

Roger Palmer