Hi all,

i test the Zenworks Linux Management 7.2 Software as a Linux
Patch Server for our Company. It should Patch a lot of SLES 9 SP3
and 10 SP1 Servers.

The Installation of the ZLM 7.2 Server and the ZLM 7.2 Agents on
the Sles 10 SP1 and Sles 9 Servers are working properly.

Now i try to install the ZLM 7.2 Agent on a Suse Enterprise Linux 9 SP3
(i586) Server. By the Way: I tryed all Agent ISO's from Novell.
The (zlm-install -a) Shellscript tells me "This is not a supported distribution
for the ZENworks agent". Also i cant find any Library Problems in the
/var/opt/novell/log/zenworks/zlm-install.log file.

I only find the "sles-9-i586" Package in the Agent Directory
/data/packages. Can it be that only the Sles 9 SP3 Server
are not support by the ZLM 7.2 Agent? I cant believe that!

The ZLM Agent 7.2 are also installed on a "Sles 10 SP1" Server
and in the /data/packages Directory was only a "sles-10-i586"

I read in the lm7install.pdf from Novell that it is possible
to manage the Suse Enterprise Linux 9 Sp3 Server.

I modified the Shell and Python Install Scripts of the ZLM 7.2
Agent to force the install with the "sles-9-i586" Package.
It works. The Agent Registration to the ZLM7.2 Server was
a success.

I saw the registred Sles 9 Sp3 Server on the Zenworks
Webinterface which are identified as an "sles-9-i586" OS.
I am not really sure which Patches i will get, when i try
to update the Sles 9 SP3 Server. After the Agent Install
there was also a Zombie Process of the Agent
( cant remember which exactly ). So I think this will not
working properly and i will get trouble in the future.

Do you know any other Install Iso's (downloadable) which
supports the SLES 9 SP3 Server?

Can it be that SLES 9 SP3 Server are not manageable by

Can it be that Python has Problems on the SLes 9 SP3 Server,
so the Script can't resolv the exact Version?

Please give me a Solution. The Novell Support at Munich, cant
help me! I phoned there.

Thanks for you patience and Thanks in Advance.