I have a ZCM 10.0.1 install here on SLES 10.1, completely clean, nothing added at all after the install completed. I did it this morning, specifically to upgrade to 10.0.3 - we have been hanging on for this update before using this product at all.

I can get the download to start, but it gets to 1% and just stalls. There are 168 items listed for download under System Update Overview > Update Status > Release Details. This list remains static.

The worrying thing is that it lists "Windows" as the target or platform, depending on which view is active.

My question : is this just a (nother) simple thing overlooked in the release - a line of text not updated properly - or is 10.0.3 genuinely a Windows-only release? Has anyone successfully updated to 10.0.3 on SLES 10.1 ?