We have an EqualLogic SAN, an SLES10 SP1 with OES2 (both with the latest support packs) on a HP Proliant DL360G5 with 8Gb RAM. The EqualLogic and the server are connected to a Cisco 3750 switch using jumbo frames and flowcontrol and using Cat6 UTP cables. On the EqualLogic SAN there are two volumes each 2Tb large. The two volumes are combined to one NSS volume of 4Tb. On that volume there are about 750 cliënts connected. Half using cifs (apple's) and half using the Netware client on XP. Filecopy to the server is fast and performing very well.

The problem is that filecopy from the NSS volume to the desktop is very slow. The client doesn't get more than 50Mb bandwith of the 1Gb there is available. When another client also starts the filecopy, that client does get 25Mb and the first reduces also to 25Mb. When a new NSS volume of 10Gb is created on the EqualLogic SAN, filecopy to and from that NSS volume is almost as fast as it should be. Is 4Tb to large for NSS to handle or are the special unknown settings for NSS on OES2 in combination with SLES10?