Fresh build of 10.0.1 this morning and did a system update to 10.0.3. All went through ok until the reboot.

System is running on VMware Workstation, Win2k3 SP2 2GB ram, 2 x 8GB partitions - OS on C, ZCM on E.

Issues as follows:

1. ZCM agent on the actual server itself is now broken. Attempts to redeploy to itself end up with the server hanging at a grey screen. (more info tomorrow when I get chance to play more)

2. Deploy to XP Sp2 workstation - all ok but deploys 10.0.1 first and then updates 160 (approx) packages according to upcoming events. Hopefully the 10.0.3 ISO will not do this.

3. After completion of agent updates on both windows server and workstation, upcoming events still shows random numners of updates pending as happened in previous versions. Each time you click refresh a different number appears.

4. Business Objects appears to be broken but (errors starting service in event viewer) but will do more investigation on this tomorrow.

5. Inventory still says NET Framework Unknown(C:\WINDOWS\...\v2.0.50727) for .NET v2.0. A bit of an omission since the product actually requires v2.

6. Attempting to download the PRU gives an error "Problem attempting to download PRU". Trying again says "The latest PRU is being applied".
After a few minutes it completes ok.

7. Patch Management appears broken. Checking the serial number gives "evaluation period expired" which means it's impossible to set up a patched 10.0.3 system and test PM for 60 days.

More info as I test.