I'm using migfiles to migrate NetWare NSS to OES2 Linux NSS. But when the
files is migrated
and I'm trying to delete crappy files on OES2 Linux permission is denied! I
tried to delete as
root and admin-account (lum enabled) and other admins but every time is says

I'll then check my permission on that directory and it says:

NetWare-Info: > Attribute:

Cannot be renamed
Cannot be deleted

Theres 8 Attribute on that directory / file that cannot be removed as
root/admin/admin-roles etc.

How can I remove theese attribute on every file/dir on my OES2 Linux NSS
volume automatically! I can remove
them manualy and then delete the dir/file but I need to change it
automatically.. to many files/dirs.

Best Regards,
Anders Bengtsson