I need to change over 100+ printer ip addresses because we are moving them to another vlan. I have read how to change it by going into NDPS manager going through the options to change the IP or Host name. When I get to the place that says change the IP or Host name they are blank. I added the new IP address and esc and restarted that printer agent. The status turns to NOT BOUND. I also changed the IP address by going to the http://printeraddress and it didn't work.

When you want to change the IP of a printer do you have to change it in the NDPS Manager and go to the Web address and change directly on the printer? Also is there a way to change them in Webadmin? I want to avoid having to re-create and re-map all the printers that users are already mapped to.

If I have to delete and re-create all the ques can I create them the same name and not have the users have to re-map the printers in iprint?

Also when I am creating a printer agent where is the place to write a description of where printer is located?