Since updating our test environment to 10.0.3, we are seeing a problem with Vista workstations (both SP1 and pre-SP) where the manual login from the tray icon is broken.

When User Account Control is enabled, a manual login from the tray icon results in: "Unable to log into the network because the login credentials or server certificate is incorrect".

If User Account Control is disabled, and the user runs as an Administrator, then manual login succeeds. Additionally, with UAC turned on, you can get a manual login to work by creating a shortcut to nalwin.exe and running it with Administrator privs. The Login from within NalWin works in that case.

Passive login works although it does not appear to wait for network availability at startup. If a user logs into a workstation immediately after boot, then passive login does not occur. A 30 second delay is usually sufficient for passive login to function correctly.

Neither of these issues occurred with 10.0.2. Also, we cannot reproduce either problem with 10.0.3 on an XP machine. Even an restricted local user can perform a manual login.

This looks like a permission problem, but so far with SysInternals Process Mon I haven't had much luck finding out what operations are being denied.

Can anyone else reproduce the issue? CASA logs are attached.


Axel Larsson
Drew University