If this is the wrong forum I apologize. I posted this to a different forum but was directed here.

We are trying to start migrating some computers to Windows Vista from XP Pro but I have not been able to get dynamic local user to work whether it be with Vista or Vista SP1. We are using the latest Novell Vista Client as well as the PreAgent but the system fails to log onto the local computer. This happens even if a local profile already exists (and the password is the same). The system indicates that it does log onto the network but then fails to log onto the local computer.

I have not seen much activity regarding Vista and the Novell vista client. Are others using it? How did you resolve the issues? I asked about this issue at Brainshare 2008 and was led to believe that by having a ZCM server that DLU would work but at this point it is still not working.

We are running a Zen 6.5 network but have a ZCM10 server enabled and the Vista client points to that ZCM server.

Thank you.