I'm trying to upgrade a 10.0.2 primary server to 10.0.3 (Windows 2003 R2).

It's look the upgrade is a success if I look into Logs folder (SystemUpdate_10.0.3.log) But if I look into Control Center on my server on Upcoming Events is there a lot of bundle there !

On the same page, Agents show it at version !

Always on server Summary on "Zenworks Agent Status" I always got this message "Unable to connect through IP Address or Host Name" even if I reboot my servers few times.

The Inventory on this server works !!!

On Message Log I always receive these 2 messages:
1- Failed to bind to web service{}

2- The handler ServiceExistsSysReqHandler threw an exception. System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot open Service Control Manager on computer '.'. This operation might require other privileges. ---> System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: A system shutdown is in progress --- End of inner exception stack trace ---

Is there someone who can help me ?

Thanks in advance