I am trying to use the user override key generator, but I cannot figure out how the client unlocks the policy using the key?

I have figured out how to enable client self defense and then unlock the policy based on that password I created within the policy, but I would like to see how the key generator works. According to the admin guide you launch the key generator, then have to enter the policy password in the administrator password box and confirm it in the next box, then enter the user id of the user you would like to over ride the policy for and then the amount of time then click on generate. I can get a key created, but cannot figure out how the client computer "unlocks" the policy? I have tried to right click and select about, then click on password override but the only password that works there is the password I setup for the policy, but I want to use the key I generated.

It says in the guide "The end user then enters the key into the ZENworks Security Client Administration window" where is that located?