we have a default installation here of ZEN for Desktop 7.

The Middle Tier Server and the Desktop Management Services are installed on the same Netware Server.

The MTS was configured to search for users from the topmost container, the organisation.

When users with the context user.organisation log on, all works fine. The user is authenticated and the MTS makes the connection to zenwsimport for the workstation to be imported.

However, when a user from a subcontainer logs on, the Middle Tier Server does not authenticate that user to eDir and the workstation is not imported.

Once we go to http://MTS/oneNet/zen, the authentication window pops up. We authenticate with the same username and after that can run zwsreg to successfully import the workstation.

Does anyone have an idea why everything works fine for the user.organization users but not for those in contexts below? It looks as if the MTS does not search for users below the specified context. But in all our other installations it does.

Thanks in advance