I have a new Novell Netware Open Enterprise Server (netware 6.5 sp7) w/ Bordermanager 3.8 (sp5) installed netware FTP server 1.0.14. I have multiple clients who FTP files up to our system. We previously had a Netware 6 sp5 server w/ Bordermanager 3.7 sp3 and netware FTP server 1.0.10 on it. Once we switched to the new server and I had to give the user rights to their respective directories on the new server. All but one works fine. We have a base \FTP directory that has only directories under it. So ftp user 1, upon login, would default to a root of \ftp\user1\ and user 2 would default to \ftp\user2 etc. The one user has two directories they need to see ftp\user41 & ftp\user42. They could do this in the old system with no problem. It would actually start them in the \FTP directory but they could only see the user41 and user42 directories under there. Now when the rights have been changed they can see all the directories under the base \FTP directory. I cannot get this to work at all for some reason. They can see and actually have rights to all subdirs under the \FTP directory. I hope someone can give me some suggestions because this is a security issue that I need resloved. Thanks.